Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The peanut Chippy is stuffing in it's mouth is bigger than it's head!

What would people say if we did that at the dinner table?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Golden Digger

We have Golden Diggers bugs digging little holes in between our flagstones.
They are industrious little bugs digging through hard soil and even moving pebbles out of the way.
They are known as the hardest working insects in a garden.

Once they've dug a deep enough hole, the search for a grasshopper or other similar insect and paralyze it.

Then they take their prey into the hole they just dug and lay eggs on their victim so when the eggs hatch, they have something to feed on.

They are completely harmless to humans and pets and are beneficial to a garden.
When I walk by, they buzz a little louder and when I've passed by, go back to digging.

Lucy sits down beside them and they aren't bothered by her one bit and neither is she.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creeping Bellflower

This pretty wildflower grows in abundance around here. It isn't native to Canada. It's an invasive species that came from Europe where it's also called Zombie Weed.

To some gardeners, it's considered an obnoxious weed much like dandelions because they are difficult to eradicate.
However I like dandelions and bellflowers so they can both happily grow in my garden.

Lucy loves to eat the leaves of this plant. She searches them out and then spends her time leisurely pulling off the leaves and munching on them like potato chips.

I've seen deer search out this plant too and devour the leaves in the same manner.

As the tale goes, Rapunzel got her name from this plant: campanula rapunculoides. Her father picked this wildflower from the castle of the evil witch and planted it in his garden where it grew in abundance.

Well, it grows in abundance here too and I think it's beautiful and Lucy thinks it's tasty.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden flowers

David took these photos today of flowers growing on our property.

This is an orange Day Lily.  Our whole septic bed  garden is full of these beautiful flowers.

There are just a few burnt orange lilies also growing here.

Several years ago I planted a few Globe Thistles. They disappeared from my garden but one lone plant has reappeared across the driveway.

Ground Vetch grows in abundance and the more sun received, the larger the blooms.

Amongst the wild Lavender there is a rusty metal plant growing that is virtually deer proof!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eight Points

Isn't he handsome?  And just look at his magnificent velvet covered rack.

This fellow was walking up our road with a doe. They were standing in front of the bushes in full sunlight but by the time the camera was found, well, you know the rest.  However this photo isn't too shabby.

I've been noticing the tops of the raspberry canes near our driveway have been nibbled away so perhaps these two deer are going to be permanent neighbours.

I sure hope so.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moon rise

After dinner today, we took Lucy for a long walk along the Wharf in town. While the setting sun was beautiful shining on the Bay, it was also completely obnoxious. We could barley see where we were walking with our arms held over our heads shielding our eyes from the bright sunlight. Other walkers were doing the same too.

On our way home in the car with our sun visors flipped downwards,  we wondered why some people will only consider having a cottage with a western exposure. A setting sun is blinding!

When we got home, we poured out a glass of wine and sat out on the front deck which has an eastern exposure and this is what we saw...

The moon was rising like a huge orange ball of cheese. The reflection in the water is more accurate of the true colour. For some reason, my camera cannot capture the moon accurately but I suppose it's more the fault of the operator.

At any rate it rose so magnificently over the island and it wasn't blinding at all.

Gotta love an eastern exposure!!